Products - Ball Valves

Screwed Ends/Flanged Ends

Ball Valves are designed and manufactured to give maximum performance on recommended service at the lowest possible initial and upkeep cost. Such valve design permits inspection and repair of seats and seals without removing the valves body from the line. A full range of GG stainless steel-bodied ball valve are designed for process industry applications and for other high corrosive environments. The range features stainless steel, investment cast valve bodies.

Other construction features includes, PTFE packing rings in a deep stuffing box provide a dynamic seal, giving longterm protection against fugitive emission. Tight manufacturing tolerances reduce body cavity to a minimum, lessening the risk of product contamination problems. Not to mention, the use of PTFE stem seal packing, body seal, ball seal & integrated PTFE spring loaded bushing on the gland follower, guarantees low turning torque for manual operation.

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