About Us

Bombay Metal & Alloys Mfg. Co. Private Ltd., Mumbai have been producing Bronze Valves under GG Brand for nearly seven decades. Over period of time, GG Brand became synonym for superior quality valves. Strict quality measures are taken at each stage from checking raw materials, stage inspection to the final components and assembly. Each and every valve must pass final physical inspection including hydrostatic test before final issue.We manufacture valves that excel in quality and performance. In the tradition of GG Brand, GG Valves has been continuously upgrading their products and using newer technologies, equipment and materials and will continue to meet International Standards. GG brand products are guaranteed for performance and complaints are a rarity.

About Our Founder

Technocrat, Mr. Gerhard Gabriel, arrived in India as a sales representative of a German Company. In 1933, he set up his own Company, named after himself and by 1943 had founded GG Brand Valves and also India’s inaugural metallurgical company, Bombay Metal and Alloys Manufacturing Co Ltd. The GG Brad of valves stood out in India, representing German quality at prices Indian companies could afford. Mr. Gabriel was a successful businessman and an able administrator. Uncompromising where quality is concerned, due to which the trademark “GG in diamond” has acquired respectability in the industry and market globally.

Our Experience & Growth

Over the past seven decades our formula of High Quality Products, Competitive Pricing and Responsive Service has seen our Market Share, Turnover and Reputation grow Leaps and Bound. By 100% valve testing & stringent quality control measures, we ensure that not a single defective valve reaches our clients.

Social & Environment Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we take utmost care that our plants are not polluted and ensure Safety and Health at our work place. We make sure to provide a healthy work environment for our employees and go to great extent to achieve this.


GG Valves has been regularly receiving accolades for its export performance. We have excellent manufacturing facilities, ISO 9001 certified and PED approved for CE marking of valves.